Through joint and individual research initiatives, the R&D Alliance supports research and development to foster the growth of industrial hemp farming.



  • To support scientific research that identifies best practices for productivity and increased yield per acre 

  • To assist farmers with their location-specific seed genetics selections to suit the growing conditions and intended use (CBD oil, fiber, feed, potentially for 2,500+ uses) 

  • To collect field data via the Hempliance apps for study and analysis in collaboration with universities 

Hempliance Inc has developed a new dashboard that provides data access for our strategic partners who are engaging in joint research initiatives for the benefit of hemp growers. 

ALLIANCE PARTNERS - more to come

Hempliance Inc.

Hempliance offers a secure Plot-to-Purchase platform for the hemp supply chain. Blockchain technology enables users to store and view large quantities of dated, location-specific permanent record blocks in a distributed chronological ledger. The Austin-based company supplies software solutions for chain-of-custody, tracing, tracking and compliance documentation, as well as sales transactions, shipping manifests and banking.

International Hemp

International Hemp is the exclusive licensor of two industrial hemp varieties bred by the oldest hemp institute in the world – the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants in Poznan, Poland. Through this international partnership and our alignment with agricultural professionals and organizations, we provide U.S. farmers with the highest quality, high-yielding, AOSCA and OECD certified industrial hemp seed in North America. 

Tetra Hemp Company

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