2020 Entreprise PalmettoChain Blockchain Winners!

Hempliance, Inc. was named First-Place in 2020 Blockchain Challenge Competition by PalmettoChain, SC Blockchain Association UofSC McNair Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Austin, Texas, USA, September 25, 2020 –- The McNair Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina announced the selection of the first-place award winner Hempliance Inc, a secure blockchain solution for the hemp supply chain. The integrated software system has several components, including the that can be downloaded from Android or Apple stores for use on GPS-capable smartphones and tablets.

"As a state with one of the longest histories of agriculture in North America and one of the largest to grow Hemp as a major agricultural product from the 17th to the 20th centuries, we are glad to see the reemergence of the product in South Carolina. Due to the regulations that are enabling the growing of Hemp in our state, we found the Hempliance application to be very timely in the emergence of the South Carolina Hemp market. In everything we do in South Carolina, we always push to be the leader. With this award to the Hempliance Team, we hope to foster a long-term relationship with them as we collaborate to serve the new farmers, suppliers, and manufacturing industries leveraging Hemp." Dr. Gordon Jones, Professor of Blockchain at the University of South Carolina and Mentor in the McNair Institute for Entrepreneurship

“We were honored to receive first place in the entrepreneurship challenge for our blockchain-based hemp supply chain compliance portal,” said William Whatley, Chief Architect of Hempliance, Inc. “We based our secure software system on blockchain because of its proven advantages for permanent and transparent track-and-trace reporting. Enabled by AI, apps, databases and dashboard components, blockchain delivers the accountability to meet all USDA and state legal requirements. A simple website-based system could not meet these legal requirements.”.

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