Apps and Functions

Multiple technological components are connected together.  This forms a true track and trace system. We provide users these components.

Move the Data

  • Automated compliance docs

  • Transfer data to other database/get the data

  • Electronic COA's

  • 10 million user notification system

Hempliance is a Silver Microsoft Partner.

Our data management is on Azure Cloud Services, which meets all government and HIPAA requirements.  All records will be put into blockchain. 


Collect the Data

  • Hemp growth cycle Proof-of-Life

  • Documented sample taking

  • USDA and other states compliance data.

Website DashBoards

View the Data

  • Consultants, universities and seed providers

  • Government agencies 

Database Services

Artificial Intelligences

Explain the Data

  • ID plant color for health

  • ID the pest in photos  taken (launch Q1 2021)

  • Count plant being grown (launches Q2 2021)


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Components and Functions

App Functions

Collect the Data

  • Farmers,Growers and Seed Providers

    Use Hempliance app to collect data, track growth cycle and create compliance docs. Use the dashboard to view plots, add/delete employees and consultants

  • Samplers and Transportations

    Use HempRoad app to take custody of the plot by scanning Hempliance QR code, digital document the sampling or possession, and automate compliance docs.

  • Labs

    Labs are currently using HempRoad app (but labs will have their own platform coming in 2021). Our coding team can directly integrate and share data.  Learn more here HempLab 

  • Buyers

    Buyer can download HempMarket to view crop for sale. This has all the data for Proof-of-Life. This is the public marketplace.  Farmers/grower can invite buyers to their private marketplace 

  • Processors/Retails Customers

    This is for the true Proof-of-Life. QR code barcode scanning 

    capabilities to see the data collected.  A recall platform.

  • Government Agencies

    Virtual Co-Op Managers

    These apps will take some confirmation by the coding team. (These apps are not published). They are 90% built for the market. Contact us to find out more.

Learn greater detail about the apps here below

**HempLab, sampler and transportation components will be available on December 1, 2020 through HempRoad

**HempMarket for buyers will be available on January 1, 2021 through HempMarket

**HempRetail for all processor and retail buyers will be available second quarter in 2021 through HempRetail

Website Dashboard Functions

View the data 

  • Sign Up

    Sign up through our website. Add employee or consultant to your dashboard

  • Invite user to see your data

    You are in control of your data. Invite employees or consultant to your dashboard

  • Universities/

    The ability to see real-time data to help with the growth cycle. Monitor the plots collected by farmer/growers

  • Banking

    Allows banking to stay in compliance with Federal regulations with automated documentations.

  • Government 

    Government oversight for its hemp program. This is a compete compliance system for states.

Data Services Functions

Move the data 

  • Blockchain

    All events can be in blockchain. Accountibilty, security and trust for the data. 

  • Automated 
    Compliance Docs

    Automated compliance docs for state, banking and all other allows users. 

  • Messaging 

    The ability to send those electronic documents and data. We can send the data directly through our system. 

  • Azure Government 

    We meet all government and HIPAA compliance. 

AI and other Technology Functions

Explain the data