What We Do

Hempliance is here for you—from where you get your seed to sharing the proper documentation from Plot-to-Purchase—with the ability to share your growth cycle with qualified, agricultural experts who participate in our R&D.



Hemp Co-Op

We have built an innovative way to maximize your crop growth with the exchange of data through our partnerships and buyers.

Hempliance provides a secure, mobile app-based platform for farmers.

Our solution will help you remain in compliance from seed tracking through lab testing and sales.

Tech Solution

(Warning – this is about to get technical. )

Built in blockchain, Hempliance tracks EVERYTHING, including lab test results, buyer/seller information and the GPS location of each event in the growing cycle. The documents create a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that we can share electronically to meet compliance requirements, allowing you to sell for a higher price.


The single HIPAA compliant cloud database deployed across all platforms ensures the security and integrity of the data given to all parties to protect you and your crop. We have spent the last year working with an FDIC bank for regulatory compliance in the hemp market. Our automated invoices are emailed to all parties, including the bank, so there is full transparency on the test results and other aspects of the transaction, getting your profits faster.